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The greatest achievements of all time — ​polymers and suddenly “that’s very much not the case, guys”

In the mid‑19th century practicing scientists announced the start of entrepreneurs’ race for giant booty in such comprehensive global sphere of human activity as structural materials, at that time the first artificial polymer material “Parkesin” was created on the basis of earlier polymer (nonorganic celluloseester). Thousands of entrepreneurs whose companies manufactured hundreds of polymers, hastily devised by famous scientists including the super brilliant (D. I. Mendeleyev, etc.), took part in that race. The word “polymer” was invented after the event and theorist’s scientists the same as everything was explained by theoreticians. As a result, as in everything else, a hundred years later by the middle of 20th century entrepreneurs trying to get out of the polymer manufacturing played out, many of them went into bankruptcy and only a few of them who managed to survive began to produce a limited number of very valuable for people base polymers. These were for the most partpolydienes, polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters, polyurethanes, organopolysiloxanes, polyoxymethylene resinsand aldegid and epoxy resins, including modified. Researchers, in turn, after a countless number of theoretical investigations already ceased to create new, based on large-capacity polymers and, satisfying the needs of highly worn down in industry competition few giant industrialists’ corporations, zealously start to improve produced polymer goods trying to straighten a notoriously crooked and fob off the right one but not necessary on the buyer, in such a way encouraging throwing hundreds millions of tons of polymers in all spheres of human’s life annually. Here is what originated the first glimmers of doubt — ​whether the polymer trash is not harmful in such quantity. That fact was confirmed by ecologists and people pondered where does this polymeric miracle leads them.

business personality interview success story scientific knowledge expert’s opinion projections analysis and researches

Scientists have developed a biodegradable polymer production monoprocess for packaging with the same properties as the polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate. This will bring benefits to society not less than $0.2 trillion and protect the world from the accumulation of dangerous waste.

The work had to be started again along with serious pondering over consequences. Let us make it out what it is taking into account the fact that finances in 1971 suddenly annihilated during economic scientific experiments of paper in metals transmutation, going solely in spiritual essence, and as a consequence, they — ​finances — ​could no longer be directly converted into knowledge, and in polymer area we just have to seek out carefully wisps of truth which certainly will be able to dispel the darkness of the intellectual confusion materialized in mountains of plastic rubbish.

business personality interview success story scientific knowledge expert’s opinion projections analysis and researches

What do we see:

First, inadequate replacement of chemical harmless metals and silicates (rocks, concrete, ceramics, glass) by solid polymers produced from toxic phenols, aromatic amines, chlorine, carbon monoxide, carbonyl dichloride, low olefins and dienes, including their much more dangerous substitutes gradually stops.

Second, biodegradable polymers for polyethylene replacement, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyethyleneterephthalate and polyamide primarily in packaging industry, where the harm of polymer packaging manifests itself within 24 hours from the moment of packaged good spur chase are intensively developed, produced and offered.

The first process mentioned above is irrational, not only, it cannot be taken into account, but also easy to explain. It brings benefits only for the environment, entrepreneurs are not interested in it: leads to losses, if made — ​only at the expense of others.

In the second one with its tempting simplicity the most cunning ones smell long time booty: the cost of base polymers produced annually is about $ 0.5 trillion- third goes to packaging, that is at stake, at least $ 0.1 trillion a year. Entrepreneurs, duped by a mirage of gain, have decided to take a chance, not sharing with others, and scientists, they learn the philosophical is unimportant, anyway, before you know it, pay and do not ask stupid questions afterwards. The enthusiasm of both parts is understandable, about $ 0.01 trillion was invested in scientists’ ideas from the 90’s of the 20th century. As a result, replacement of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene terephthalate appeared the most bizarre features: modified starch, amylose, polyhydroxypropionate, polyhydroxybutyrate, polyhydroxyvalerate, polycaprolactone, synthetic imitations of pigskin materials, bovine bubbles, insects and crustaceans’ skeletons, different composites and many others. Huge funds are spent and continue to be devoted, but the necessary performance benefits, unfortunately, have not yet been declared: all proposed substitutes are 5–10 times more expensive than the object, and their physical-mechanical properties — ​in 2–5 times worse.

Today’s consumer is not ready, as in the good old days, to buy «new polyamide» at the price of silk yet. He has to get a decent polymeric proposal and it exists — ​contained in countless scientific publications of the foreseeable period.

The essence of this proposal on polymers for packaging reported by scientists is in the following:

  • the primary circuit and deputies should participate in metabolism,

  • all polymers are transmutes, but they need to be produced individually just because the existing shared processes are factorially more expensive,

  • monoprocess of production of biodegradable polymer for packaging with the same properties as the polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate exists and can bring benefit of at least us $ 0.2 trillion to the society and protect the world from poisons accumulation. 

business personality interview success story scientific knowledge expert’s opinion projections analysis and researches

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