“A business plan must be realistic, understandable to non-specialists and, most importantly, it must convince investors that it is the only thing they should invest their money in.” Dick Rubin

Mr. Rubin’s track record is admirable and clearly illustrates his professionalism and vast experience. Between 1960 and 1963, Dick Rubin served in the army and became a communication signals analyst. He then spent a year and a half in Korea and a year in Texas. He progressed to work at Litton Industries, Inc. for six years. He was a system analyst, programmer, and sales representative. He also developed programs for enterprise development. Mr. Rubin was willingly invited to participate in various programs as a judge, trainer or lecturer. He is most certainly a man with a story to tell. In recent years, Dick has shared his wide experience through the State University Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, which is operated by the University of Oklahoma.

In 1983, Mr. Rubin created a business incubator, a consulting and business development company. Since establishing this service, he and his wife have monitored over one hundred different projects at different stages of their development. Dick is a managing principal of the business incubator, which provides services in strategic, tactical and logistics planning.

Dick Rubin Business Incubator

“There is nothing complicated about registering a legal entity,” states Rubin. “However, it is much more difficult and challenging to create a firm that delivers a solid return on investment. It is our role to keep our eyes on the ball and support our clients throughout the process, from start-up to success. We help with initial and venture financing, oversee sales growth, and so on. It’s like taking care of a child until he or she grows up to become an adult.”

— Obviously, you should only talk about what you did, thinks Rubin. “It’s an easy task to retell textbooks. But People can read textbooks by themselves.”

— How long have you been in business, Mr. Rubin?

— People don’t live so long, he laughs. I have been developing and creating businesses for over forty years. I have extensive experience in this field. The business incubator my wife and I operate has helped to launch almost a hundred companies over the last ten years. So we can consider ourselves as parents of many children.

— Impressive! Tell us, what activities do you carry out? What positions do you hold? Who do you work with?

— First, we control startups from creating a business plan through to selling the idea to a prospective investor. Second, we develop financing programs, design marketing activities and teach our clients and their staff how to effectively conduct business. In addition, I act as a mentor on the Oklahoma State University Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, give lectures at the University of Tulsa Entrepreneurship Program, and was a judge at the Oral Roberts University Marketing Department Sales Presentation Competition and St. Gregory’s University Business School Business Plan Competition.

Dick Rubin will be sharing his vast experience of launching successful businesses with our readers in each issue of our magazine. The next issue will feature an article entitled ‘The business plan alphabet’ in which he presents a comprehensive overview of business plans. 