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Ms. Mandy Guo

Mandy, please tell our readers something about yourself.

I was born in a village in the central China. I came to Xiamen with my parents when I was ten years old and I studied there before going to college. I chose International Logistics as my major, and in my third year I was able to participate in the study abroad exchange program with Canada. This was the start of my international endeavors.

I attended the Humber College, a technological college in Toronto, Canada. What I enjoyed about the program is that all of the subjects emphasized the practical application of the theories we studied. Toronto is a very international city with a rich, yet inclusive culture. During my study there I met lots of interesting and likeminded people and made friends with students in the program. My professors were very helpful and kind and often took us to visit large local companies so that we could see how things work in the real world and put our theories to the test. After a year of study abroad I came back to China and graduated the following year. After years of school and studying theory, I was ready to start my career.

Why did you choose Kiaace?

Prior to coming to Kiaace, I worked as a sales representative for a foreign trading company. After some time working with clients I found out that I had to get the answer to every inquiry from the plant management and then add company profit margin, in order provide a quote to my client. This system was not very efficient in that the plant employees were not able to provide a price quote in time, which resulted in a backlog where the sales people were not able to effectively communicate with the buyers. Thus, the trading company was not able to properly match the buyers and suppliers with suitable price and quality. Unfortunately, once the trading company placed an order to a supplier, we no longer had any control of the outcome in regards to time frames and quality of the products. Having been raised to be a person with strong moral responsibility it was very stressful for me not to be able to help my customers. I decided to find a plant that would be able to meet client requirements and deliver quality service, while giving me the flexibility of starting my own business. This is when I found Kiaace, a company providing integrated design, production, layout and printing services. They had an excellent reputation for providing high quality products such as high-end books, albums, gift boxes, calendars, file folders etc. From my experience working here, Kiaace definitely lived up to its reputation.

Do you enjoy your work?

Yes, very much so. I can say I am happy with where my career is and is going right now. Growing with the company is rewarding and this position keeps me busy every single day. The most important thing for me is to be able to work around professionals in my field, someone who understands the ins and outs of the work.

Our Company’s mission can be summarized as: “Quality is Golden, Service provided with a heart, Affordable Price and Cooperation with integrity”. With a direct and thorough communication, incisive design, precise production process and excelsior printing we are able to provide excellent quality services on the most elaborate printing products. The Company has been living its slogan of “Quality is Golden, Service provided with a heart” since its establishment in 2008. During the past eight years, the company grew bigger and continues to expand every year. I chose this company to further my career because of their award winning customer service and true dedication to their clients.

Today we work with customers in Europe, North America, South America and Middle East among others. It makes proud and happy to receive praise from our satisfied customers who had great experience because of our quality, logistics and customer care.

Xiamen Kiaace Paper Products (Printing) Co., Ltd is a professional printer with 8 OEM experience in Xiamen. Kiaace owns a factory with about 4000 square meters of lone Garden-style workshop. Kiaace started our foreign business on 2013. After 2 years of development we had built business relationship with many countries such as USA, UK, Ireland, German, Italy, Spain, and South Africa. Kiaace had imported the most advanced printing machines such as 7set of German Heidelberg to match our customers’ needs.

Our high tech automatic Swiss Martini adhesive binding complexes, hardcover binding complexes, saddle-stitch binding complexes help us provide excellent quality and fast printing services. For instance, the maximum binding speed is 5000pcs/h for perfect binding and 4000pcs/h for hardcover binding. We also have a line of 120 employees experienced in hand-made products and box assembly. We provide professionally printed high-class books, note-books, brochures, magazines, children books, publications, yellow-pages, paper bag, and jewelry boxes and so on. Your imagination is our limit.

books printing house partners publishing business

Ms. Mandy Guo

Department: Director/CEO/General Manager. Job Title: Sales Representative.

Telephone: 86-0592-8268635. Mobile Phone:13666061374. Fax: 86-0592-8268635

Address: No. 35 Industrial Zone, Xiahu Community, Xiamen City, China. Zip: 361016. Country/Region: China (Mainland). Province/State: Fujian. City: Xiamen.