What comes to mind at the mention of the state of Israel? Ancient culture, the Bible, Jerusalem… Yet the last quarter-century has added another feature to its image, Israel as a country of innovations.

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Israel is an ideal place for companies operating in the field of high technologies. It has the world’s largest percentage of college-trained residents, great universities and developed infrastructures.

Repatriates have enriched Israel with cultures of various countries, knowledge of languages and their connections. For instance, one million people who came from the former Soviet Union preserved the Russian language and their connections to friends and fa­mi­lies.

Israel has become a world center of high technologies, including those in healthcare. Nearly every leading high-tech company has opened a research center in the country. Banks and financial institutions from all over the world have their settlement centers in Israel. Numerous transnational corporations have established their offices there. Dozens of high-rise office buildings have been erected to meet the demand for office space.

The Israeli population has grown from 5 million to 8.5 million people within the past 25 years. And everyone needs a residence!

The innovative climate, professional workforce and ongoing immigration make Israel an ideal place for investment in real estate.

Besides, rapid technological development of the Israeli economy and growing incomes directly influence real estate prices. Tel Aviv, the technological and financial center of the country, is the leader in this segment.

investments economic situation analysis and research expert opinion numbers and percentages partners

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Strangely enough, even wars and the complicated situation in the region matter little for real estate prices in the center of Israel. One may even say that the real estate market is the most stable sector of the national economy.

Israel welcomes investors from the entire world, and Israeli banks gladly lend money to foreigners wishing to buy real estate.

We recommend that you buy real estate in the Tel Aviv area, where prices are growing most. A decline in prices is insignificant even during periods of recession unavoidable nowadays.

How to buy real estate in Israel for investment purposes?

We offer projects with annual 10% profitability and monthly dividends for your consideration.

The investment period is from one to three years. The minimal investment is $100,000.

How to buy an apartment for residence purposes?

A nice apartment in Tel Aviv costs from $250,000 to $1,200,000.

The cost of these apartments grows 8% a year on the average. The rental income amounts to annual 3%-4% if you wish to lease the apartment in your absence.

Any person who is not an Israeli citizen can buy real estate with 50% funding.

Where to begin when buying real estate in Israel?

The best way is to ask professionals like our company, Investment House Home Capital. We will help you choose real estate which will be the best for you.

We have been investing in real estate for 30 years and we are perfectly aware of what other investors may need. We will design a personal strategy for you and will offer investment options in accordance with your aspirations and capacities.

investments economic situation analysis and research expert opinion numbers and percentages partners

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Please, get in touch with us in advance so that we can start choosing profitable options of investment in Israeli real estate for you. We meet our investors at the airport, provide them with accommodation and render full support during their stay in Israel.

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