Books are generally thought to be at stake. Different electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular, animation is rapidly developing and children prefer watching TV and playing computer games to reading. The question of how to promote a love of reading for children and at the same time to vary letters and lines and thus to make the process more interesting is current concern now.

One of the ways to find a solution is the interactive books. It is a transitional stage between a book and an application: the reading process is still dominant, but animation joins it, some parts of the screen “come alive” as pictures in fairy tales.

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Animated pictures

Speaking about the creation of such a product, we should admit that it’s actually a kind of an intermediate element between a usual electronic book, adapted for reading from the screen, and a fully animated application. The development costs of such project are lower in comparison with the application, because the screen is animated only partially: for example, a character opens the window, hangs up the washing on a line, crosses the road. The focus must be exactly on the text that is illustrated in such an unusual way. The text (that is always large with white background) is hidden behind a big button and absolutely doesn’t prevent artists from painting full-length pictures.

It should be noted that such technologies are used not only for creation children’s stories, but they also help achieve absolutely different goals: for example, a baseball book can be designed in this way. As a rule, similar products are not big in order to view them all at once without interruption, otherwise the effect will be spoilt.

Analyzing success of such projects, it should be pointed out that the innovation didn’t revolutionized the software market (as well as augmented reality books) — ​probably, because it is little-known — ​but it is an attractive solution. By means of partial animation not only completed stories may be shown, but also, for example, one can illustrate physical processes or chemical reactions, demonstrate the technique of golf swing and so on.

IT HI TECH investment expert opinion book publishing business projects for children book's market innovation

Silva and UNloved horn

“Silva and UNloved horn” is an interactive book, created by the electronic publishing ActivePads in 2014. The main character is a little unicorn Silva who lives in a fairy town Shansvil among other animals. He is very concerned about one fact: all the animals have two horns, but he has only one. He is the only one! Silva thinks that it’s something wrong with him and his second horn had been lost at some point and it is actually difficult for him to cope with it.

Nevertheless Silva has friends. Once upon a time one friend, a giraffe named Pierre, invites a little unicorn to his birthday party. He arranges a carnival and wants everybody to come to congratulate him. There are no problems with a present but what costume should Silva choose? By the way, a little reader has an opportunity to try on some options for him. But all of them are not suitable! Silva is completely upset, he firstly decides to stay at home but finally comes to the party. And …someone put the costume of a unicorn on and glued the same silly horn on the forehead! Silva finds his friends and completely forgets about his “awful trouble”. Since it doesn’t matter, whether you have big ears or small, a tail with a tassel or without it — ​friends are not those with particular ears or tails.

Pleasant background music, charming drawing (looks like children’s “art”) and a happy end as in any fairy tale. In the course of the narration Silva finds himself in funny situations — ​every screen is animated. The action mechanism is the following: at first, you have to read a passage (to touch the icon with an open book), then — ​also by touching — ​to animate a page. It is impossible just to look at the pictures — ​you won’t understand what the fairy tale is about.

IT HI TECH investment expert opinion book publishing business  projects for children book's market innovation

Invest in the future

Generally speaking, the format of “an interactive book” looks attractive and has great potential but it requires popularization as all innovations in the initial stages of the introduction to mass consumption.

By the way, speaking of mass consumption, it’s no secret that any product (electronic, cultural or any other) is a tool of influence on public opinion. The current stage of the multimedia and animation development is when multiplication is still possible as an art, but not as a transmission channel of a certain impulse. Meanwhile, a publisher decides on his own what message he’d like to put to his product. According to the director of ActivePads, Konstantin Strausov, cartoons and all the variety of products for children in the first place should form the belief: the world is not scary. Of course, it’s not always fair and loyal but truly not scary. The one who acts, finally succeeds. So, speaking in a scientific manner, products for children should form an active life position of the younger generation and the ability for independent critical thinking. Investing in the products for children means contributing to the future!

Kanstantsin Strausau

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