We live in difficult times: military conflicts, disillusionment with government policies, sanctions, and mutual distrust harm economic relationships. However, against all odds, the cooperation continues both in outer space and on earth. Business unites people. International business cooperation creates new jobs and empowers people to be successful. Through cooperation people learn to work together, trust partners, understand each other’s goals and find opportunities.

Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation was established to actively promote the development of partnerships between American businessmen and entrepreneurs and their colleagues from different countries. The Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization serving as an expert and investor assistant to turn business projects into reality and enhance Oklahoma’s economic climate. The Foundation supports non-profit and commercial international projects utilizing finances of its partners.

US investment into foreign country today is more than a reality despite the current complicated political atmosphere and rhetoric between the governments. However, politicians and entrepreneurs are quite different species. Entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of our society and international cooperation of business men and women is the foundation of the global society. Practice shows that many entrepreneurs overseas create interesting and highly competitive projects but face a number of difficulties in the process of their development. Company executives come to realize that it is impossible to provide adequate funding even for the most promising projects in the post-economic crisis environment in the countries with high interest rates. Foreign investment is one of the solutions. Foreign investment, especially US investment can help with project development and put the Company on the map internationally.

American entrepreneurs and investors are always looking for opportunities to use their business acumen and experience and fund profitable projects, even if the project is risky.

If you are looking to attract the attention of potential investors for your projects, find partners to work in your home country and on the US market, reach your business goals and actively cooperate with entrepreneurs from the US and other countries, Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation will be able to help your company find business partners and attract investors.

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