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We live in a challenging time in which countries and individuals throughout the world are encountering great difficulties. Military conflicts, political disagreements, sanctions, and lack of trust complicate the economical situation. However, in spite of these challenges, we continue to trade and common projects emerge… in space, as on Earth, life goes on.

Thanks to business and business partnerships, new offices are created, citizens’ prosperity is fortified, and countries thrive – the world is getting better. People are starting to understand each other more, learning to trust partners, have a better understanding of their own goals and recognize the importance of working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.

The Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation was created to help and support such projects. Our magazine is possible thanks to the Foundation and its members: the Lawson Law, LLC (USA), LLC Alkor (Russian Federation) and AY Publishing House. We produce 12 issues per year: six issues in Russian and six issues in English. The publication is dedicated to sharing the latest news and reviews on investment opportunities that are available abroad (predominantly in the countries of the former Eastern bloc), the investment policies of overseas nations and the current investment climate.

A particular attention will be paid to America’s EB-5 visa, which allows overseas investors to obtain permanent residence in the United States in exchange for investment in US companies. Similar offerings from alternative countries will also be reviewed and examined.

The magazine will present thought-provoking articles that are written by famous economists, politicians and business professionals. The insights they share will allow readers to familiarize themselves with the current state of affairs in the world of investments, and help them to ensure they adhere to all legal regulations and policies in their business and investment activities. A lot of attention will be paid to innovations in science and technology as well as to the development of new ideas and projects.

The articles published in this magazine will prove that the sphere of a profitable investment of funds is as important as human health, and the development of cultural and mental potential. The reader will find a range of different topics presented, including investments in culture, doctors’ and experts’ advice, interviews with popular figures and thrilling prose in every issue.

We fully recognize the importance of collaborating with mass media enterprises and prominent scientists, writers and journalists from different countries. Welcome, friends! We are stronger together!

Today the magazine is published in two languages, Russian and English. In the future, we also hope to pilot issues in Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. Along with the Russian and English versions of the magazine, these issues will be distributed free of charge throughout business centers, exhibition halls, airports and stations, and on international and domestic flights and trains. In addition, readers can subscribe to the magazine. Distribution will be strategically targeted at trading chambers, offices of law, banks and the offices of medium- and large-scale businesses.

We hope our efforts will pay off and that our readers will appreciate our efforts as we write and publish articles in a variety of different languages, allowing our publication to be enjoyed by people throughout the world.

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Alex Yar

Alex Yar