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Are you using broadcasts to promote your business? If not, start doing it now with Facebook!

Why this is important. Take a look at the experts‘ forecasts: 80 % of all Internet traffic before the end of 2019 will make a video. You may think «so what? 80 % OK». Now try to feel all the power of these figures: each month Internet will fly around 5 million years (!) video content for 1 person. Impressive?

With the video in general is clear. Why Facebook?

  1. Audience of social network has almost 2 billion users from around the world.

  2. 8 billion times watch online videos per day.

  3. Live webcasts Facebook Live have been commented 10 times more often than normal video.

  4. People watch 3 times more live webcasts.

  5. Facebook Live is available in 60 countries.

And another important fact for the introduction of live webcasts in a promotion strategy of your business in this social network — ​after updating of the algorithms of the news feed TOP places take at first namely live standups.

personality interview online business internet marketing business incubator success story expert opinion

How does Facebook Live work

To start broadcasting from your phone you need to click on «Live» in the news feed and allow the application to use the camera.

Then to make a small description, choose an audience and start live broadcasting. When you start the broadcasting, your subscribers are notified that you are on the air.

Why is it important to conduct live broadcasting not from personal but business page

After the completion the live broadcasting is stored, and you can change its description, add references and save as a video on the page. Your air will be seen even those who didn’t visit it. In addition (and this is important!), you can invest a couple of dollars in advertising of this video, and it will be seen at least 2 times more people. On the personal page so it won’t work.

Last month we conducted a series of experiments on our business page on Genius Marketing. Result: 1 minute of attention of a person can be bought for only $ 0.01. Only for $ 0.01!

For comparison, 1 minute of attention in YouTube is many times more expensive (this despite the fact that there is one of the cheapest). And 1 click in Google Adwords — ​minimum of $ 0,10 despite the fact that 80 % of clicks are then not converted.

personality interview online business internet marketing business incubator success story expert opinion

5 ideas of how to use Facebook Live for your business

1. Show them what awaits them

For example, you can give a tour of your store or office, give an opportunity for viewers to dive into your work environment. You can tell about the merits of some specific goods/services, show how to use them. You can answer questions and even take orders during the broadcast.

2. Host online courses

Show what you can be done with your product/goods. For example, you produce cameras. You can teach clients how to make cool pictures and videos. I think if subscribers see the result that can be achieved thanks to your product, they will buy it (even if they doubt).

3. Let himself be supervised

Especially it is actual if you are doing something to order. You can show the preparation process.

For example, a bakery may use the live broadcast to show the client the process of preparing his cake. Starting from surface preparation of kitchen to delivery of the ready order to the door. How do you think does it not be credible and will not add clients on guidelines?

4. Sell piping hot

Have you just finished your new collection of swimwear? Make a broadcast, tell us about the models and take pre-orders for «early birds». So do you give a client to feel himself exclusive, to be one of the first.

5. Conduct online broadcasts of events

For this you have over 1.5 hour. Do live broadcasts of performances, conferences, and trainings. It will be appreciated by those who could not visit the event alive. It is not necessarily that the broadcast should be available to all. You can restrict an access to them in the settings and hold confidential online meetings.

Showing a backstage, you get on the right side of more and more people. And this is not the whole list. Think about how you can attract attention to your business with Facebook LIVE.

In our blog geniusmarketing.me we tell detailed not only about the promotion in Facebook and other subtleties of Internet marketing. Visit it to learn more.

personality interview online business internet marketing business incubator success story expert opinion

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